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phillip ferrell


Build a brand with a powerful yet gentle perspective because that embodies who Phil is not only through his voice but as a human. Focusing on a strong diverse presence while giving the design a modern timeless feel. Phil is someone who inspires everyone he comes in contact with, he brings calm to a room solely with his presence. His brand should give people that same calm while sparking curiosity to learn more.


Taken from traditional African colors. Black, symbolizing the powerful darkness and varieties of skin colors, the power that African American people posses. Shades of red symbolizing precious blood, wounded yet strong. Yellow symbolizing the richness of the land, intelligence of the people, and warmth of the sun.


Designed with intention and personality in mind. Starting with the old school mic, knowing Phil not only has a voice musically but influentially as well. Molding the P and F of the initials to fit in the symmetrical half of the mic. While adding subtle details like the gentleman’s line in the P since Phil keeps his hair as professional as his character. The lightning bolt, which is a symbol used for sound coming from a mic in visual references fit perfectly as the tail of the F in the logo.


Using the basic structure of sheet music through a very simple design can tell it’s own story. The song I chose to start with is James Brown’s “Say It Loud” To go along with the black culture theme. In the futura any sheet music could be used. To people who know nothing about reading music it may just seem like an appealing visual but to people who can read it they’ll know exactly what story it’s telling. Creates more of an interactive design piece with the people who come in contact with it.


These additional pieces can be used to liven up business cards down the road, stickers, accents on other documents, or used as assets on the website. All musical elements symbolize differents aspects of who Phil is as a human. Record players take information from the vinyl through a needle projecting the sound. Phil absorbs not only cultural influences but his own experiences, creating something only he can project. A word that defines Phil and who he is, “voice”. Whether he’s speaking wisdom over a mentee or behind a mic you always feel who he is through his voice. Lastly the records, the reason this design his multiple items is because Phil has multiple ways he contributes to his community. Whether it’s through education, creating, or worship it’s not all in one lane.

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