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I am extremely grateful for the role I had at Churchome. It gave me the opportunity to start as a junior designer but explore my creativity and growing beyond what I believe I would've anywhere else. I was pushed to learn solutions to unconventional design problems. To find new ways to build community and creating experiences that had never been done digitally before. I was able to experience creating not only digital environments but physical ones through photoshoots and set design for worship, youth events and video production. I wore many hats working in the church, I also learned how to communicate with people better. Learning and working with multiple department heads encouraged me to listen and help visualize their ideas and bringing them to life through storytelling.


After about 7 months of working in the graphic designer role my job title changed and I began working with the new website and rebrand. Successfully managed all content that went up on the website leading to over 1 million hits over a year. I managed forms, created new pages for events such as youth summer camps, 6 Week Journey, Christmas and Easter events. I also maintained our Wknd website (major youth conference) and created email campaigns for some of our departments through Mailchimp.



I Worked with CEO & Marketing Director of a $20,000,000 tech company to create content and effective UX strategies. Helped create promotional app content that spread to over 100 unique countries and brought in 10 million views over 300 pieces of audio/visual content. A part of the team creating a promotional advertisement campaign of "Guided Prayers" with Justin Bieber to bring in over 50 million views and thousands of converted app downloads.



Every year we have what's called the 6 Week Journey, it's a message series centered around a specific book of the bible. I was able to create an Alexa flash briefing that read the daily scripture verse, we had over 500 different users enable the skill.

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