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My primary responsibility was to manage the website, build new pages, and implement the best user experiences. When I started, the WordPress site was outdated. During a rebrand, I pitched and led a complete website overhaul, collaborating with a developer to create wireframes and conducting user testing for optimal usability.

The success of the website launch, led me to the next responsibility leading the UI/UX team to produce a promotional app that reached over 100 countries, gaining 10 million views across 300 pieces of audio/visual content. I crafted visually engaging materials for a global audience and played a key role in the "Guided Prayers" campaign featuring Justin Bieber. This high-profile project required close collaboration with stakeholders and innovative design solutions to maximize its impact.

Web Experience

After about 7 months of working in the graphic designer role my job title changed and I began working with the new website and rebrand. Successfully managed all content that went up on the website leading to over 1 million hits over a year. I managed forms, and created new pages for events such as youth summer camps, 6 Week Journey, Christmas and Easter events. I also maintained our Wknd website (major youth conference) and created email campaigns for some of our departments through Mailchimp.

Optimizing User Experience

I tracked insights and data to understand the user journey and identify the most sought-after information. Leveraging this data, I directed users to key pages aligned with our marketing goals, such as events and initiatives. This data-driven approach effectively guided user engagement and enhanced the overall website experience.

Leading a successful new website launch, which increased traffic by 215%, and improving group attendance rates through a new website page with filters to find groups that fit individuals' schedules and interests, led to my next significant project: the app.

The App

I worked with the CEO & Marketing Director of a $20,000,000 tech company to create content and effective UX strategies. Helped create promotional app content that spread to over 100 unique countries and brought in 10 million views over 300 pieces of audio/visual content. A part of the team creating a promotional advertisement campaign of "Guided Prayers" with Justin Bieber to bring in over 50 million views and thousands of converted app downloads.


UX Feature Highlights

I was presented with the challenge of creating a user experience for prayer requests, something that had never been done before. The goal was to make it interactive while ensuring it remained respectful and prevented inappropriate interactions. We enabled users to request prayers with the option to remain anonymous. Instead of creating a comment thread, we developed a unique experience where users could scroll through prayer requests and select ones they felt drawn to.

When a user chose a prayer request, they would open it and hold their thumbs down on two active buttons while they prayed. Once they finished, the requester received a notification that someone had prayed for them, without sharing any audio or comments. This approach allowed users to feel supported and connected, knowing that someone else was thinking about them. This quickly became the most popular feature in the app.

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