At Tagboard there's a basic structure for the displays, sometimes we had clients who wanted their display to stand out which is when we created custom designs manipulating the HTML & CSS. The display ratios vary, the client might need assets created, or they provided assets and tell us to be creative with them. Some of my favorite displays came from the clients who gave creative freedom on the project.


As we started exploring adding Snapchat to our displays we had to find new ways to pull the fan content into our software. Through our partnership with Snapchat, I had the opportunity to design the first unlockable Snapchat filter. The photo above shows the screen before the game as we tested the display. In addition, because this was such a new concept I designed an animation to show fans how to access the filter in the stadium with their phone cameras. 


Tagboard had reached the point in it’s start-up lifespan where the product had become stable in it’s functionality but the interface needed a new look. There were a lot of things that were clunky with the interface that needed improvement. The design was outdated, we were given free rein to come up with solutions and a new layout. Below is a case study including some of the designs I came up with.



UFC approached Tagboard to bring the fans into the locker room, they wanted to hype up the fighter while igniting conversation through social media. They displayed the tagboard in the arena, outside of the arena and in the locker rooms. With the use of media queries I was able to use the same tagboard for the different screen resolutions making it simple for UFC to switch between screens.