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I joined the marketing department as the sole designer, taking on a broad range of responsibilities that included meeting with department heads to understand their needs and implementing efficient systems for managing design requests. My role involved creating and executing digital and print materials essential for Sunday services and various church events.

One of my key responsibilities was managing wayfinding signage for large events that drew thousands of attendees. I meticulously mapped out the church layout to ensure that every participant could easily navigate to breakout sessions and classes. These events often required special graphics, particularly for youth camps, which needed custom branding each year. This included designing stage elements, creating screen visuals distributed throughout the church, and producing all necessary print materials.

During one of our special events, I took on an innovative project to enhance the attendee experience by developing an Alexa skill. This skill allowed participants to follow along with a six-week sermon plan, providing an interactive and modern way to engage with the sermon content. My work ensured that every aspect of the event's visual and navigational needs was met with high quality and creativity.


Each year, we host an event called the 6 Week Journey, a message series focused on a specific book of the Bible. I developed an Alexa flash briefing for this event, which provided the daily scripture verse. This innovative feature was enabled by over 500 users, enhancing their engagement with the series.

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